About Us

Hello, I'm Jesmin/BubbleBunny and I have always had a great love and passion for drawing and creating art!

It brings me great joy to bring my characters to life and putting them in different themes. Poofie Family has been a big part of my life as they are modelled after my soft toys while Pastel, Pudding and Raddy came from my imagination!

Rosie Ribbons is a collaborative effort with my sister who is a lover of crafting and has a real talent for it. So we have come together to create different themes and designs for our own ribbons! I am, of course, the artist behind our ribbon designs and my sister is the one putting everything together! We have always wanted to work on a project together and this has been an amazing journey so far!

I am still growing as an artist and am still experimenting on how to make my art better! So if you want to follow me on my art journey, feel free to follow me on my socials:

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